Chord Hugo 2 Leather Case
Designed to complement our award-winning Hugo 2 transportable DAC/headphone amplifier, the Hugo 2 protective leather case offers reliable protection from everyday knocks and bumps. The case has been styled by Chord Electronics and VanNuys Inc. and is exclusively manufactured by...
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Chord Hugo 2 Portable DAC/Headphone Amp
In 2014, we introduced Hugo, a revolutionary portable DAC and headphone amp that became a landmark product in the audio landscape. Advances in digital technology, including the latest FPGAs and WTA (Watts Transient Aligned) filters, have enabled us to introduce...
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Chord Hugo TT2 Table Top DAC/Headphone Amp
Hugo TT 2 has been radically redesigned from the ground up, not only with beautiful new casework by Chief Designer, John Franks, but with 5x the processing power of the original Hugo TT and double that of the multi-award-winning Hugo...
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Chord Mojo
Welcome Mojo, the world’s most advanced portable digital to analogue converter DAC/Headphone amplifier. Thanks to technology derived from our Hugo series units and Dave reference converter, our little powerhouse, that’s just the size of a pack of playing cards, will...
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Chord Mojo Case
Designed for portable use, Mojo is the ultimate DAC/Amp to use when out and about, but we all know that life is hectic and hands can be clumsy, so the law of averages tells us that, at some point, your Mojo is sadly...
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Chord Mojo XL Case
Designed to be used with the Chord Mojo and Poly combination, this case offers exceptional protection for use on the go.  Constructed out of strong polyurethane with a genuine leather wrap, the case features a handy leather strap.  Mojo/Poly not...
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Chord Poly Music Streamer/Player
Poly is a revolutionary music streamer, the first of its kind in the world. When partnered with Mojo, it enables music streamed from a range of wirelessly connected devices to be enjoyed in the best possible sound quality, whether at...
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